As part of our restaurant mission plan, we are extending a unique invitation for our patrons to be a part of a community-supported restaurant (CSR). Following the model of community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, we are seeking to create a stronger consumer-producer relationship wherein both parties benefit. From the restaurant’s perspective, having a dependable customer base will allow us to focus on the quality of the food and service shared with our patrons. CSR membership commits the customer to regularly dine at LENOIR and creates a strong sense of association with a great restaurant.

We offer a traditional membership, and two other, higher investment levels that offer a bit more in return. All CSR membership investments are really mutually beneficial because it gives a nice return to the member while allowing us the capital upfront to keep improving the experience for our guests. It also encourages bringing in new folks and introducing them to the restaurant, which is definitely the part we love! As a member, you can allow friends/family/co-workers to come in and have dinner on you, if you like. Members at all levels have first access to special dinners that we hold monthly, including some really fun wine dinners. We have limited availability, so you’re considered a restaurant VIP, which is pretty cool. Plus, you get two cute little membership cards to keep in your wallet and present for payment when the bill arrives. It’s just a really great thing to be a part of if you find yourself dining in the restaurant pretty frequently. Here are the membership tiers:

TRADITIONAL: $1,000 investment gets you a $1,200 house account, plus first access to our events, holiday bookings and prime reservations.

SECOND TIER: $2,500 investment gets you a $3,000 house account,  and first access to our events, holiday bookings and prime reservations.

THIRD TIER: $5,000 investment gets you a private, 4-course all-inclusive dinner at your home for 8 people with wine pairings ($4,000 value), a $3,000 house account, and first access to all of the events, holiday bookings and prime reservations.

Memberships are good for one year and available only until the end of January. We will open up membership via our newsletter.

Please call 512-215-9778 or email us at if you have any questions or would like more details. Thanks!

1807 South First


Mondays: Closed
Tuesday – Saturday:  5 – 10:30pm
Sunday: 5 – 9pm

HAPPY HOUR: Tues-Sun: 5-6:30pm